story of me part 2

now..what story i want to share with you all..
hhmmm ok la...
lets talk about semester break..
u now wht..i feel boring..
coz just stay at home..and do the same thing every day..
really boring..when i want hangout..
i haven't any friends in putrajaya..
all my friends stay far away from me..
hhhhmmm..the boring day always came in my semester break...
evryday i hope..mylove will came front of my house
to take me hangout with him...
but all of that just in my dream.. :(

any..its ok if he not came today..
mybe one day he'll come n forever will hangout with me no matter what.. :)
i'll waiting and always waiting for that days comes true.. :D
i always wish for that.. :) evening..i have a bad dream...
i dream about someone rape me..
dream up sweating..
i really afraid for that...then i tell 2 my friend..
she said 'when someone dream in evening..the dream will came true'
grrr...make me really afraid with that dream..
then she said..'not too trust about it..'
'just pray and asked to stay away from disaster..'
emmm..dream just game in our sleep right..
i really hope that dream not happen in reality..

and..and...last night i fight with him again..
only coz a small thing..hihi...
then he make this words..

he's said this is call sincerity.. :)
it's cute right..hahahaha...
he always knew how to make me smile.. :)
i know la him fon is android..
can touch2..eleyh..
wait n see la...
after this i will buy new HANDFONE over plak..hihi
if got the money..i'll buy it.. :)
hubby..u better watch out ok..hihi...

ok now about my frenz...
hmmm...ap ekkk..
aq x ske la kwn yg cpt putus asa n cpt mngalah...
aq ske brkawan ngn org yg sntiase kuat mnhadapi msalh..
x kre la besa mne pn mslh dye..
for all my friend...
every problem we can settle..
not run for it..
its like u afraid with something...
please dear..
you're my freinds..
dont afraid with anything..
don't let fear control yourselft.. :)

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