story of me part 1

firstly i want to story about my result..
if all of u want to know..
i not a clever girl like u all..
i just a person dont no anything..
like a new person want to learn how to study..

but if u dont like to read...
just leave this page immediatly ok..
i would't force anyone to read o follow my entry... :)
ok..back 2 my result..i get a good result..
what i stdy n what i effort before this is success..
and i glad with myselft..
what i get..i want show to my parents..
that love can't cause a failure to my study...
and i want my parents know that he is my inspiration..
he never make me down in my study..
for this part..i not dean list...
mybe not my rezeki right...
mybe next time.. :)
what i get now...
i so grateful and feel happy.. :)

hmmm..i want to share my problem with u all..
u not this semseter break..
aq ngn dye jrng gler msj...
bkn sush sbb ap taw..
dye kt umah kt umah aq..
dye slalu tggl fon dye kt dlm blik dye..
n aq plak slalu tgl fon aq kt ats..
tp ble aq dh msj ngn dye..
dye mst eply msj lmbt dye...
tp phm...dye khuyuk tgk tv..
smpai x perasan msj...
tp 1 je bnde yg dye ske wt aq terase..
ble dye ckp aq x phm dye...
cm ne aq nk phm dye...
dye x pnh wt aq phm ngn dri dye...
sbb dye bnyk berahsia ngn aq dlm bnyk perkare..
aq tawu..kdng2 aq trlalu over sgt..
n kdng aq risau gk dye rimas ngn aq..
aq jd mcm 2 bkn sbb ap..
cme sbb kteorg jaoh..
sush gle kot nk jumpe

nk berhubung pn ngn fon je..
klau xde fon...mty aq..huhu..
sbb aq dh trlalu syg sgt ngn dye..
klau dye x msj lame..
kdng2 aq rse srbeslah nk msj...
tkot dye marah ke..
kte aq gnggu dye ke...
tkot aq x phm dye ke...
kdng2 nk mle msj ngn dye..
aq pk bnyk kli kot.. aq men komen ngn mmbe dye..
cmnt..pas 2 dye tnye aq..
"ko ngn spe skunk..ngn lut lgi ke"..
aq ckp la.." ngn lut lgi"..
the dye ckp..."jge adk aq 2 elok2 taw"..
aq ckp blek.."aq always jge adk dye tu..
tp klau dye nakal cm ne.."
dye ckp.."klau dye nakal..dlm hty dye ttp ad kau..
aq knl kwn aq.."
adkah ia benar...
aq msih trpk smpai skunk...
klau ap yg mmbe dye ckp 2 btol...
aq brsyukur sgt2...
aq nk sgt hbungn aq ngn dye kekal smpai ble2.. :)


  1. What a long entry. by the way, congrats for your result. I know you can do it, and you did it. Do better for next semester. x

  2. hehe,,i like to write a long story.. :p...thankz and i will do the best for next semester..